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Marri Tjevin, Marri Ammu, Marri Dan
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Western Daly Grouping   

Marrithiyel traditional country occupies a large central part of the hinterland between the lower Daly & Moyle Rivers. To the west, on the coast, are Marrithiyel’s sister dialects Marri Tjevin and Marri Ammu, with the Marri Dan dialect to the south. Also to the south are Marri Ngarr, Ngan'gikurunggurr and Marramaninjsji, which is closely related to Marrithiyel. Matngele is then to the east, with the Merranj dialects to the north.

The Marrithiyel community have a homelands base in their traditional country at ‘Woodykapildiya’ (Wudi Gapil Diyerr), but also live at Nauiyu and across the greater Darwin region. Only a few fully fluent, elderly speakers of Marrithiyel remain. However, Marrithiyel appears to have once been something of a lingua franca in the Daly, perhaps due to its central location, and there are many part speakers of it to be found across the region.

The major documentation of Marrithiyel is by Green (1981, 1989), which follows on from Stanner’s (1938) notes, and Tryon’s (1974) sketch grammar. Extensive further material on the language is to be found on this site.

Ian Green’s corpus of Marrithiyel consists of 32 hours of recordings including some texts and lexical, grammatical and phonological elicitation. The recordings were made with the following speakers:

  • Bill Parry
  • Yvonne KumKum
  • Roy Kelly
  • Robert Yenmung
  • Topsy Parry
  • Jacky Skewes (Yenmung)

Only some of these recordings are currently available from the links on this web page. This is due to the fact that the family of Bill Parry have asked that recordings made by him be made available only to family members. If you are family of Bill Parry and you would like access to the recordings, please email us at

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Ian Green (collector), 1982; Marrithiyel 06/09/82, TIFF/JPEG, 2016-05-09. DOI: 10.4225/72/57092AC9004EE

Ian Green (collector), 1982; Marrithiyel 31/07/82, TIFF/JPEG, 2016-05-09. DOI: 10.4225/72/570929F7CB615

Ian Green (collector), 1983; Marrithiyel 20/07/83, X-WAV/MPEG, 2016-05-09. DOI: 10.4225/72/57092A8001143

Ian Green (collector), 1985; Marrithiyel 08/09/85, TIFF/X-WAV/MPEG/JPEG, 2016-05-09. DOI: 10.4225/72/57092A69B4733

Ian Green (collector), 1985; Marrithiyel 27/08/85, TIFF/X-WAV/MPEG/JPEG, 2016-05-09. DOI: 10.4225/72/57092A74CB2B3

Ian Green (collector), 1986; Marrithiyel 01/08/86 , X-WAV/MPEG, 2016-05-09. DOI: 10.4225/72/57092A4DB9BB0

Ian Green (collector), 1990; Marrithiyel 08/06/90, X-WAV/MPEG, 2016-05-09. DOI: 10.4225/72/57092A481DF32

Ian Green (collector), 1990; Marrithiyel 28/06/90, X-WAV/MPEG, 2016-05-09. DOI: 10.4225/72/57092A08DF081

Ian Green (collector), 1990; Marrithiyel 29/06/90, X-WAV/MPEG, 2016-05-09. DOI: 10.4225/72/57092A0EAA140

Ian Green (collector), 1991; Marrithiyel 10/06/91, X-WAV/MPEG, 2016-05-09. DOI: 10.4225/72/57092A5E85491

Ian Green (collector), 1991; Marrithiyel 10/07/91, X-WAV/MPEG, 2016-05-09. DOI: 10.4225/72/57092A6420FD7

Ian Green (collector), 1991; Marrithiyel 26/06/91 (1), X-WAV/MPEG, 2016-05-09. DOI: 10.4225/72/57092A59106A2

Ian Green (collector), 1991; Marrithiyel 26/06/91 (2), X-WAV/MPEG, 2016-05-09. DOI: 10.4225/72/57092A537D098

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