also called:
Manda, Menthajangal, Wogait
dialects with:   
Merranunggu, Emmi
various spellings:   
Western Daly Grouping   

Menthe country lies on the southern shores of Anson Bay, extending from the Cliff Head region down towards the Dashwood Plains. Menthe has two identified sister dialects: Emmi, on the coast to its north; and Merranunggu, inland to the east. The Brinkin dialects Marri Ammu and Marrithiyel lie to Menthe’s south and south-east respectively. Menthe descendants are today based primarily at Belyuen, but no speakers of the language remain.

While its territory is recorded in Stanner (1970), there is no specific linguistic data on Menthe other than Tryon’s overviews (1968, 1974), observations in Ford’s Emmi grammar (1998, 2011) and the items in Djorrk et al’s (2015) treatment of flora and fauna knowledge in Emmi, Menthe and Batjamalh. What data is available suggests that there are no significant grammatical differences, and that Menthe and Emmi are mainly distinguished on the basis of vocabulary.

Ian Green’s corpus of Menthe consists of 7 hours of elicitation.

The recordings were made with the following speakers: