also called:
Kuwema, Dek Tyerraty, Nguluk Angguwe
dialects with:   
various spellings:   
Northern Daly Grouping   

Tyerraty is the northernmost of the Daly River languages, with country that extends, from inland east of Batjamalh territory at the mouth of the Daly and northern Anson Bay, northwards towards the Wogait Reserve and perhaps westwards all the way to the coast south of Point Blaze.

No speakers of Tyerraty remain, and, aside from some early notes and word-lists (eg. Mathew 1899, Basedow 1907), Tryon’s sketches (1968, 1974), based on field-work with five elderly speakers, constitute our only knowledge of it. Tryon’s documentation shows clearly that Tyerraty is a member of the Northern Daly group, a series of three closely related varieties differentiated primarily by vocabulary, and stretching from Tyerraty in the north down to the Daly River into Pungu Pungu territory and east into MalakMalak.

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